Play for Life

Last week, I was lucky enough to be involved with an an event put on by Play For Life, a newly established not-for-profit organisation, founded on the critical role of lifelong play. Play for Life uses play to initiate important, innovative, and effective social change projects, with a focus on disadvantage and children and youth.

They staged a mini UN for 4 different schools, and involved all the kids, some very disadvantaged, in the ‘play.’ Based on their backgrounds, some of these kids haven’t been able to develop social skills, so the UN acted as a demonstrative tool to teach the children compromise, articulation and general social and behaviour skills.

My job, working alongside Flock Agency, to dress the room and ‘snack table’ seemed somewhat superficial when seeing what Play For Life was doing, but the kids really loved what we did! Upon walking into the Supper Room at Melbourne Town Hall, seeing the 300 ballons lining the walls and chairs, the kids gasped and were jumping for joy. Easily impressed!

How many ballons can you fit in a lift? ……150 !

The kids were certainly more excited by the chippy cannon than the fruits!

Happy kiddies leaving the building, on their way to the most crowded train ride home!