San Francisco

Well, here I am in the land of opportunity. I’ve been in San Francisco a few days now and already want to move here. Its full of hipsters and beautiful bikes and drinks are cheap and abundant, with a vodka/ soda ratio of about 6:1 (in vodkas favour) . What more could you ask for really?

I’m in America to work at the Santa Fe International Folk Artist Market as an artist assistant. I’ve also been given the job to set up the artist booth for two Indian folk artists Narendra Karna and Chandra Bhushan Kumar. Karna makes little paper mache animals, I wonder how he will feel about Diego and Margarita ??

Anyhow, we are moseying our way down the California Coast, staying in LA for a few days (for a big 4th of July celebration!) then headed to the Joshua Tree Inn (where I will be sleeping in the death bed of Gram Parsons!!!!! See F) and eventually getting to Santa Fe, where the crafts begin!

Back in SF, people are rather free and easy over here. On the first day I got my photo taken with a man who was completely naked except for a fine array of jewellery that embellished his genitals. I also saw a cat on a lead, then a block later a cockatoo on a lead and then a bunny on a lead, and then an iguana (not on a lead.) The animals are very liberated here. The dogs especially. They are different to the Australian dogs, they can drink in bars, and go into shopping centres and do all the things people can do, and their faces have so much character!

I also get to see Jonathan Richman on Sunday for $15 in a small bar. Crazy ha?!

So, here are some shots thus far:

Our hosts were very confused when we were so excited to see how beautiful the art deco keys were….

They were also confused when we were excited to see “American cops.”

Within the first few hours of being off the plane I went a little bit wild…I found a shop that sells cloths by the pound! THE POUND!!!!

The general theme of the States really…

Anthropologie in the flesh! If you have ever typed “good windows” into google, Anthropologie always comes up, and they were good!

Yoga for punks!