The Houses Of San Francisco

In San Francisco, they have some pretty wild paint jobs around their neighbourhood.

You can tell you’ve moved out of Mission and into Haight-Ashbury when you start seeing orange suns painted on the roofs, and colour combos of green/ purple/ blue/ black adorn the front of the houses.

Apparently there are all sorts of rules and regulations on keeping the houses painted in their original colour palettes, which are predominately pinks and purples, and the quickest colours to fade. So if you are lucky enough to own one of the $1mill+ properties in SF, you have to re-paint them every 5 years to keep them to council regulations. Don’t know how ‘traditional’ the paint jobs on the Haight houses are though…but they certainly look pretty amazing (in that so hideous its incredible kinda way!)

I stumbled across the following places in Mission, and I think that perhaps they take the cake for the most ‘interesting’ paint jobs….