4th of July

I woke up in a Motel 6 in San Simeon on the Highway 1 on the 4th of July. How much more Americana can you get?!

We were halfway to LA on our coastal drive and awoke to meet our first “Fat Americans!” How exciting! We even popped our head in to check out the $6 buffet breakfast. Things got a bit serious at that point. We became completely engulfed by the pungent aromas of syrup and dodgy mystery meats and we couldn’t seem to shake it. Lesson learnt: don’t judge people at the $6 buffet.

On the way to LA we stopped in Santa Barbara for lunch, only to be greeted with a real live 4th of July Parade. They had gymnasts, and twirlers, and Vietnam Vets, and guns, plus a whole lot of men going through mid-life crisises showing off their Porsches that were decked out in all sorts of red, white and blue.

I even bought myself an American flag bra to get into the spirit! GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!