The California Coast

Marissa and I had to come to terms with the fact that if we didn’t make the move to leave San Francisco then we probably never would. Origially we were only going to stay for 3 days, and we ended up there for nine, and still never saw the Golden Gate Bridge, even though that was our plan from day one, and every day thereafter….

So FINALLY we picked up the car to make the move down the California Coast.
I now realize why Beth Cosentino is always banging on about California. Boy oh boy it is amazing.

Because we were putting off leaving SF for so long, and because once we ACTUALLY got our act together to leave the place, it took a further 2 hours to get out of the city (alot of one way streets that seemed to lead us back to the same car park that we spent 20 minuits trying to leave in the first place) we hit the road pretty late and it was turning dusk as we went along Highway 1. This ended up being pretty incredible time to see the coast, plus there was a huge full moon that made the whole experience pretty mesmerising and eerie. Good on us for being unorganised!

On the way we stopped at this organic strawberry farm which had the best strawberries I ever did taste, and a hot strawberry apple cider which was pretty damn fantastic. At that point we needed an urgent sugar hit so opted for a dark chocolate coated strawberry, which I subsequently dropped all over my yellow pants, which was rather attractive.