The time finally came to move on from the relaxed vibes of Joshua Tree, and onto something a little more intense.

The drive through the desert on the way to Vegas was again, really beautiful, to the point where I’m just getting annoyed now, because you can’t just relax and drive to your destination; there is just too much breathtaking scenery, too much taking in of the surroundings,  too many beautiful plants and animals, and it’s all just too much. Seriously America, just relax and let us freakin’ drive, your not relaxed at all!

Vegas, like Palm Springs is like a mirage in the middle of the desert. A man made bizaaro world smack bang in the centre of a dusty dry desert, and it just makes you wonder : “what is the carbon footprint of this place??” It was 118°F (which translates to 48°C) not to mention all the lights that burned on ‘the strip’ and the extreme pyrotechnic show that burst from Treasure Island every 15 minuets. That teamed with the hoards of people crammed into every corner made for quite a hot and humid time. At least there was no sun…

Lucky, you can bring drinks anywhere you go. So we set out with our extremely strong Vodka/ Iced Green Tea and joined all the nice happy families on the streets. We didn’t get into Vegas until 8pm, so by the time we finally handed in the car, checked in, and got our fabulous Vegas outfits on, we were just in time to catch the 10pm show.

We chose ‘Divas.’

After spending the night with all my favorite Divas, I was well and truly ready to say goodnight to Las Vegas. We had a 6am flight out of that hole to Santa Fe. 10 hours in Vegas was more than enough.

Pretty windy

Got my Vegas suit on

Prince was working the tables!
And MJ too!!!!!
And this guy??

My new M8’s

I’m pretty sure I developed type 2 diabetes after drinking this
Such a fan on the Divas!

All the single ladies!