The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

What an amazing event…..

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market brings together more than 180 folk artists from around the world, many from war torn villages and extreme poverty, and gives them a chance to bring their traditional arts to an international consumer. The market has been extremely beneficial to bring many of its artists (and their villages) out of poverty. Prior to the market, they are given workshops on how to market and price their goods for an international audience, and I read on a banner that last year each booth took home an average of over $17, 000 in profits over the two days. If your making $2 back home, that is a pretty good effort.

Rather inspiring…..

You can read more about what the market does here….

Anyway, I went pretty wild on folk arts. Had to rush over and buy an amazing embroided poncho from Mexico on the opening night, I got a beaded necklace from Africa, another poncho from Bolivia, along with a ‘single ladies’ hat (the Bolivian woman wear them to try and attract a nice husband, maybe it will work for me too??) and a whole lot of little nick knacks and gifts, all going to a great cause, so not to feel too guilty….

The theme of the market is red, and on the opening night, which was a big party for all the wealthier investors who bought tickets for $150 to attend and spend big was a bustly affair. Everyone came dressed in their amazing folk art get up, all middle aged ‘art-chicks’ with embroided scarves and amazing bright dresses and accessories, they looked great.

The volunteers looked great too, and usually customising ones volunteer t-shirt would really give me the irrits, but all these middle-aged woman got their crafts on, beading the tees and slashing them, making tassels and things- They rocked it!

Although one wealthy Russian woman got rather aggressive at me when she saw me in my new poncho, complaining that I had got the only one and gave me a lot of stroppy ‘tude when she couldn’t scoop one up for herself.

The ambience tent sold more of the Mexican flowers so people were walking around with buches of colourful flowers in hand
These flower garland head pieces were sold at the ambience tent and people were gallivanting around in them, it looked awesome!
More ambience than you can poke a stick at!
A very cute Bolivian couple who made amazing embroided textiles
Sabina from Guatamala with a folk artist from Africa and Martha from Ecuador
Sabina was a doll, she crafted a hat for Marissa
So sweet!
The poncho that set the Russian off
Esther from South Africa had my favourite stall in the market. Marissa bought an amazing painted pot off her
Esther was a gun! She painted her Melissa shoes!
I bought this Malaysian neck piece…Ridonc!
Me in my single ladies hat and poncho, Marissa is wearing the hat for ‘old maids’
My African necklace and my Malaysian m8
I adorned a lot of head garb at the market
Marissa bought a pregnant Mary ceramic from this Peruvian artist
The dream team, we looked after the stall for 2 Indian artists that couldn’t get visa’s and be there