Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

On our way back from Taos, we took a detour via the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge. At 200m above Rio Grand Gorge, it sits at number 5 of the tallest bridges in America.
Back in 1966, the bridge even won the very impressive and prestigious “Most Beautiful Steel Bridge” in the “Long Span” category, awarded by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Kickin’ goals bridge.

The “Long Span” nominees didn’t know what they were up against

Well the bridge was pretty impressive, and it was pretty tall. If you suffer from vertigo I would advise to keep the bridge off your list of things to do, but if get a kick from heights, this is the place for you.

Upon reaching the bridge, we met ‘Horn Feather’ who makes hand carved feathers out of horns on an 1800’s stone carving contraption powered by his foot. He told us that all the construction workers milling about at the time were there to fix the bridge, which over the years has been steadily shifting to more and more of a lean. This had been going on for a long time, years, until somebody said “wait a second, this is not safe.” So here they were, standing around eating sandos, scratching their heads, and fixing the bridge, despite the fact there seemed to be absolutely no safety mechanisms or scaffolding keeping the brave who dare to walk the gorge from plummeting to their deaths. We walked on anyway…

It is also a very popular spot for suicides. And, appeared in Oliver Stones 90’s classic, Natural Born Killers, and the Schwarzenegger/ DeVito hilarious smash hit, Twins.

On the road again….
Storms a brewin’

Horn Feather
A cane Horn Feather carved when he was a teenager. His Mum dug it out of the garage for him now he was old enough to use it.

Theres the award right there!

Ice Cream!


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