Desert Bloom

Well, I’ve been pretty lazy with keeping this blog up to date, I havent even posted any pictures from Mexico, which was 3 month ago now….Although, I think lazy is the wrong word, because I’ve been so darn busy since getting back to the reality of life, that I havent had a chance to think, let alone post about any of the amazing things I have been up to in the last 3 months.

Firstly, work has been crazy. I’ve been working with a whole lot of amazing companies and people and creating some really great events and installations. Secondly I have two new bands, and have finally fulfilled my life’s ambition of being a back up singer in a country band. Great news.
For a gal whose ideal bed time is 9.30pm, having every single day crammed from 7am-11pm has been pretty intense, but great none the less! Gotta be in it to win it ha?!

I’m going to attempt to get up to date on the highlights of the past 3 months, begininging with the incredable Desert Bloom installation that was another amazing design job by Gloss Creative. Desert Bloom was showing at Melbournes GPO last September to celebrate Spring. It was a paper folding feat if ever I saw one, and given that I had just returned from an amazing trip through the desert, working on this colourful paper desert was pretty fitting for the mood that I was in!

Life with Bird


Dinosaur Designs getting the cacti treatment



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