Spring Racing Carnaval

A few weeks ago I was privlaged once again to work with the amazing Gloss Creative on their Myer Spring Racing Marquee at Flemmington.

The theme was “The Florist” – The French Florist to be more specific, and yet again, Gloss created an awe strikingly beautiful set in The Birdcage.

During bump out, I managed to score 6 maiden hair ferns, 4 wisterias and a whole bunch of florals, which had to be navigated back to my house via maxi cab. Totally worth the extreme effort of explaining to the non-english speaking driver how to get a temporary vehicle pass from reception, drive through the 3 security check points, and then onto the Myer marquee, passing all the many trucks that blocked our way.

Brass light fittings hand made by Alex Cerny

Alex Cerny polishing up her goods


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