Back in October my dream came true.

I went up to sydney to decorate a house to fill with 65 kittens! 65 KITTENS!!!!!

Could you think of a better suited job for me?! Unbelievable! I was working with Flock Agency and BD Network on an experiential marketing campagne for Whiskas : Kitten Place. We turned Martin Place in Sydney into a purple kitten sanctuary, managed the build and styled the house.

To tie in with Kitten Place, getakitten.com.au was set up to help people take home a kitten of their own – All through cat rescue.

Kitten Place was a perspex structure, a material that is usually used indoors, but we were assured that the structure would be fine outside in Sydney weather unless there was freak gail force winds. But guess what, the weather report came in and yes, a freak storm blew over Sydney City between 8am-5pm with gail force winds, the EXACT time the house was up, and just to top it off, it was absolutely beautiful on the two days surrounding this freak storm. Of course.

We were close to pulling down the house ourselves. Jacs from Flock had nightmares that the storm would rattle the house so loud that the kittens would absolutely freak out, escape the house and all get hit by cars cruising the city, and the Kitten Place would go down in history as the worst media frenzy to have hit Martin Place. Kids crying as far as the eye could see….

In the end, it was fine, the storm came, but the surrounding buildings seemed to block a lot of the wind, and we had plenty of umbrellas for the rain.

By the end of the week, I had worked 90 hours across 6 days in a freak storm – that wasn’t such a dream come true, but hey, thats the beauty of hindsight ha?!

Check out some more snaps here!

4am in Martin Place - A storms a brewing!
4am in Martin Place – A storms a brewing!
On its way....
On its way….
The bedrooms
The bedrooms
Pre-place photo shoot for the Herald. Tricks of the trade....
Pre-place photo shoot for the Herald. Tricks of the trade….
1000 cupcakes to accompany the 65 kittens
1000 cupcakes to accompany the 65 kittens

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